Spring Allergies... A humidifier Can Help?

by kkubik1@comcast.net 10. March 2015 14:53


As the season changes from Winter to Spring, most people who suffer from allergies think air cleaners.  But do you know that portable room humidifiers could be a great help too?

Many people who have allergies have learned to use a portable room humidifier during the spring and summer months when pollen and mold counts are at their annual high. The sinus cavity is easily inflamed when it becomes irritated from dry air.  Using a portable room humidifier helps sooth swollen sinus cavities, providing better breathing through the nose.

Keeping your humidifier clean is essential when helping to fight allergies.  Humidifiers need to be cleaned on a daily basis.  It is also recommended not to leave the water in the basin for more than a 24-hour period and once the filter or wick is discolored, you should replace it (usually about once a month if used continually).  You can see a variety of options available to you by going to http://www.filtersamerica.com/Departments/Portable-Room-Humidifier.aspx

Last thing to keep in mind is that at this time of year FiltersAmerica has most of the humidifier/wick filters and end of the season prices.


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