Honeywell Genuine OEM Whole House Humidifier TrueEASE HE300A1005 Advanced Model
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10 Reason to by Honeywell Coverage For the HE300A1005 Up to 1,500 Square Feet Home (loose, poorly insulated, older construction) Up to 2,200 Square Feet (average) Up to 4,000 Square Feet (tight) newer construction) < 1. Quiet DC solenoid valve makes less clicking noises 2. Quietest residential fan powered humidifier on the market 3. Status LEDs indicate when the unit is running and when to change the water panel 4. Advanced wiring terminals can force HVAC fan operation - even when there's no call for heat! 5. Flexible to fit more applications 6. Eliminates time-consuming installation steps 7. Easy-access pad replacement for easy maintenance 8. Installs in the same space as existing evaporative humidifiers 9. Quick connect gasket for single step plumbing 10.Install on the supply duct only 5-Year Warranty Included with Humidifier: (1) H8908 24V Manual Humidistat, (1) Installed HC26E1004 Water Panel (1) Self Tapping Saddle Valve (1) Water Supply Line - 15 Feet - 1/4" Poly (1) Vinyl Drain Hose - 10 Feet - 1/2" Vinyl (1) 24VAC Transformer (1) Installation Manual, Owners Manual, Mounting Template. Sizes Cut out 9-13-1/2" W x 14 1/16H Dimensions 15 1/2x16 7/8x 10 1/2" Deep 18 Gallons per day. This model feature an advanced timer solenoid that wets the pad only when needed, thus saving up to 30% on water usage.  Honeywell TrueEASE Powered Humidifier (HE300A1005)

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