Dynamic 15x20 Air Cleaner 1P1520C24
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Dynamic® Air Cleaners make your home cleaner & healthier:

  • Removing particles, biological pathogens, VOCs & odors
  • Capturing over 97% of particles .3 microns in size.
  • Non-ionizing, active media technology means no Ozone
  • Installs quickly and easily using existing filter tracks
  • Quiet and reliable with a five (5) year no-hassle warranty

 Also known as part FLR01782.

Dynamic Air Cleaner install quickly without costly ductwork reconfiguration. The one inch panels fit directly into EXISTING FILTER RACK or filter grilles and are powered using 24V wiring connected to the Central HVAC system,or plug in do-it-yourself relay included, Dynamic Plug In Transformer A412402 5 Year Warranty.

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Hunter aquietFlo Ultra 30735 Air Purifier Manual

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