Carbon Pre-filter fits Whirlpool 8171433 Models AP150, AP250 (4-Pack)
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Aftermarket Replacement Carbon Pre-Filter Fits whirlpool Models: AP150, AP250, AP25030K,  & EHT201VKWR4, PAP25002LM0 also fits 8171433,1183050, 1183051. Size 11x15 7/8  Note: Pre-Filter has cut out for grill. (4-Pack)

UPC: 050946811710

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Aftermarket Filters
 Our aftermarket filters are NOT cheap duplicates made overseas. Many of our replacement filters are made in the USA that meet or exceed manufacturers´ performance. Some even come off the same production line as the oem without the manufacturers label and with some slight cosmetic differences such as a recyclable cardboard frame instead of a plastic one. These aftermarket filters offer consumers a less expensive alternative in replacement products. We stand by the quality and guarantee that you will be totally satisfied by these products.

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