Bryant/Carrier KFAFK0412XXL (317659-405) Fan Coil Filter (21.5x23.5x1)
Also Known As KFAFK0401XXL
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OEM Bryant, Carrier & Payne Washable Hog Hair Filter with Metal frame. Fits models FY4, FX4, FV4, FK4, FB4, FC4, FA4 and FH4, FE4, FX4DNB049, FX4DNB061, FX4DNF049, FX4DNF061, FA4B, FB4B, FC4CFK4CNF006. (KFAFK0412XXL) (HOG4CAR) Payne PF1MNC060, PF1MNC061.

MPN: 317659-405

Actual Dimensions: 21-1/2 x 23-1/2 x 1

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