Bryant / Carrier FILXXFNC0021 MERV 8 Filter by Magnet - 2 Pack
Also Known As 4-C-2020-8
Item # FIB0021F
MERV Rating: 8
MSRP: $96.00
Availability: Out of stock until 12/31/2022

The Bryant / Carrier FILXXFNC0021 replacement filter has a MERV 8 efficiency rating. This allows the filter to capture unwanted indoor air particles like pollen, pet dander, dust and other contaminants.

Fits models FNCCAB-0021, FILBBFNC0021, FILCCFNC0021, FILXXFNC0021, FILXXFNC0121.
Also fits Tier 1 DPFPCC0021
Also known as 4-C-1920-8, SBCRF20205, FR20205SBCRFTOP, 50001-102-0173

Actual size is 19-1/8 x 19-13/16 x 4-5/16" (19x20x4.25")

Made by Magnet

If you're interested in purchasing the MERV 11 version of this filter, please visit our Bryant / Carrier FILXXFNC0121 MERV 11 filter listing.

UPC: 799932610202

Actual Dimensions: 19-1/8 x 19-13/16 x 4-5/16

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