3-M Filtrete FAPF01, FAPF02 Aftermarket Filter by Magnet (MERV 13)(9x15-1/4x1")
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MERV Rating: 13
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Fits Filtrete models FAP01 and FAP02, FAPFO1/FAPFO2  MERV 13 rated filter media! Aftermarket replacement filter. Electrostatically charged filter media captures airborne allergens smaller than 1 micron! Also captures particles such as household dust, bacteria, smoke, smog and particles that can carry viruses. Attracts and captures particles that can carry odors. For optimum performance, replace filter every 3 months. RMFAPF02AM (1 each)

UPC: 051111542939

Actual Dimensions: 9 x 15-1/4 x 1"

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