21x26x1 Magnet Pleated Pre-Filter Compatible with Trane BAYFTAH26P4 (4-Pack)
Also Known As FLR05047
Item # BAYP26P4
MERV Rating: 8
MSRP: $89.95
Availability: In Stock!

Filter compatible with Trane(American Standard) 1" Filter BAYFTAH26P4, FLR05047. Fits Electronic Air Cleaner Models: TFE260A1AH00, TFE260A1AH10, TFE260A1AH20, TFE260A1AH30, TFE260A9AH00, TFE260A9AH10, TFE260A9AH20, TFE260A9AH30 For Media Air Cleaner Models: TFP260A0AH00, TFP260A0AH10, TFP260A0AH11. Freedom 80.

(4 Per Box)

Made by Magnet


Actual Dimensions: 20x25-5/8x1"

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