19x20x5 MERV 11 Bryant / Carrier FILXXFNC0121 Filter by Magnet - 2 Pack
Item # FILXXFNC0121
MERV Rating: 11
MSRP: $79.95
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The 19x20x5 Bryant & Carrier FILXXFNC0121 Filter MERV11 Replaces Models: FILBBFNC0021, FILCCFNC0021, FILXXFNC0021, FILXXFNC0121, Filxxfnc121, DPFPCC0021M11DBT, DPFPCC0021M11DDN, DPFPCC0021M11DPN, DPFPCC0021.
Fits FNCCAB-0021 Filtration System.
Size 19" x 20" x 5" (Actual size: 19-1/8"x19-4/5"x4-5/16")

2 Pack - Made by Magnet

If you're interested in purchasing our MERV 8 version of this filter, please visit our Bryant Carrier FIB0021 MERV 8 product listing.


Actual Dimensions: 19-1/8 x 19-13/16 x 4-5/16"

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