17x27x5 Magnet Air Filter Compatible with Trane BAYFTFR17M (1-Pack)
Also Known As BAYFTFR17M2
Item # BAY17AM-1
MERV Rating: 10
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A low pressure drop reduces strain on equipment, provides a comfortable air flow, and helps maintain equipment efficiency. The angled edge fits neatly into offset side of air cleaner frame model number TRN1727T1. Replaces Trane # BAYFTFR17M, BAYFTFR17M2A.

Fits Models: TFM175B0FR0, TFM175A0FR00, TFM175A0FR10, TFM175B0FR01 and TFM17DA0FR00 Perfect Fit High Efficiency Air Cleaners. Also Fits AFD175DALFR000A, TFM175B0FR0, TFD175DALFR000A (BAY17M) MERV 10 Nominal Size = 17 x 27 x 5 (17x27x5")(TRN1727T1)

1 Pack - Made by Magnet

MPN: TRN1727T1

Actual Size: 17.325 x 26.20 x 4.9375"

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