1183054K Whirlpool Aftermarket Replacement Filter by Magnet for AP51030K
Also Known As WAP350
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1183054K Whirlpool Aftermarket Replacement HEPA Filter with Plastic Framing. Fits Whirlpool air purifier models AP300, AP350, AP450, AP45030K, AP510, AP51030K, AP35030HO, AP45030HO, AP51030, AP51030LO. Filter also known as 1183054 and replaces previous versions known as 1183450 and 1187022. Filter is made by FUSA.

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UPC: 050946811741
MPN: 1183054

Actual Dimensions: 15-3/4 x 18-7/8 x 2"

Additional Specifications:

Aftermarket Filters
 Our aftermarket filters are NOT cheap duplicates made overseas. Many of our replacement filters are made to meet or exceed manufacturers´ performance. Some even come off the same production line as the oem without the manufacturers label and with some slight cosmetic differences such as a recyclable cardboard frame instead of a plastic one. These aftermarket filters offer consumers a less expensive alternative in replacement products. We stand by the quality and guarantee that you will be totally satisfied by these products.

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