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Protec WF2 Humidifier Wick Filter
Also Known As PWF2
Item # WF2-1
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Protec Genuine OEM Wick Filter Fits Vicks Models: V3100, V3500, V3500N, V3600, V3700, V3800, V3850, V3850JUV, V3900, V3900JUV. Kaz models: 3020. Sunbeam models: SCM1118, SCM1119, SCM1120, 1173, SCM1173. ReliOn model: WA-8D(WA8D), Enviracaire models: ECM-250i, ECM-500. (WF2-1) (WF2-12) (WF2-2) (WF2-24) (WF-2) (PWF2)(PWF-2)(WF-2)

UPC: 328785835021

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