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Honeywell Replacement Wick Filter HW14(HC-14N) by RPS Products
Also Known As HC-14N
Item # HW14
MSRP: $16.95
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Replacement Filters for Honeywell Humidifier Wick Filter HW14 for Honeywell (HC-14) Replacement Airwashing Humidifier Wick Filter Fits Honeywell HCM-6000 Series Humidifiers: HCM-6009, HCM-6011G, HCM-6011i, HCM-6011WW, HCM-6012i, HCM-6013i, also fits HC-14N. Replace every 2 months for optimal performance. Features: •Air washing layer helps remove dirt, dust and pollen and helps prevent impurities from returning into the air. •Wick traps impurities in the water. •Patented Expanded Life reinforced filter for extended life and efficiency. •Micro-Free antimicrobial treatment helps protect wick filter from the growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria.Note old number H14-C, H14, HC-14C, HC-14N3  •Approximate Dimensions: 10" x 7-3/4 (HW14RPS) (1 Each)Made in USA

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