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Honeywell HC26A-1008 Generic Water Panel (A35RPS)
Item # HUHE265G-1
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Honeywell Replacement Humidifier Evaporator Pad Fits Model HE260, HE265A, HE260A1002HE260A1010, HE260B, HE265BHE260B1000, HE265, HE265A, HE265A1007HE265B, HE2651005, HE265H8908, HE360, HE360, HE360A1001HE360A1019, HE360A1027,HE360BHE360B1009, HE365A1006Antimicrobial CoatingSize 10x13x1.5" HC26E1004, HC26E 1004 (A35RPS) 

1 Each

UPC: 085267181723
MPN: HC26A1008

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