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Honeywell HAC-504AW Humidifier Filter
Item # HAC-504AW
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Honeywell OEM Repalcement Humidifier Wick Filter HAC-504AW Fits Models: HCM300T, HCM1000, HCM1000C, HCM1010, HCM2000, HCM2000C, HCM2001, HCM2002, HCM2020, HCM2050, HCM315T, HCM500, HCM2051, HCM350, HCM530, HCM535, HCM4600, HCM540, HCM550, HCM550-19, HCM560, HCM600, HCM630, HCM631, HCM636, HCM645, HCM-645, HCM646, HCM650, HCM651, HF234, HW500-ID ENVIRONIZER 6301508, DH835, V3100, V3500, V3600, V3850, KAZ 3020, VICKS V3500.

UPC: 092926346676

Actual Dimensions: 4-3/4"(H) x 4-1/4"(ID) x 6"(OD)

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