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16x25x5 Honeywell FC200E1029 MERV 13 Compatible Filter
Item # FC200E1029AM
MERV Rating: 13
MSRP: $47.00
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This Honeywell 16x25x5 filter has a MERV 13 efficiency rating and fits Honeywell Models: FC35A1001, 203719, FC200E1029, CF100A1009, CF200A1008,
P25-1, 203719, SBHW2940, SBHW29MQP, SBHW29GQP
82655.0451625, 82755.0451625, POPUP1625, 2400.4719,
2401.4719, 2402.4719, DPFW16X25X5M8 , DPFW16X25X5M11
DPFW16X25X5M13, 5-1625-8, 5-1625-11, ACCF100A , F825-0606, CARF8250606, F8250606, FIL8250606, FM10162505HW, F100B1016
F100F1012, F100F2002, F150E1026, F200E1029, F25F1000, F35F1008, F300E1019
Note: This Media replaces the OEM ACCF200A5, ACCF200A2
Size: 16x25x5 (Actual size: 24-3/4"x15-3/4"x4-3/8"
Also known as (SBHW29GQP) (CC125)(50001-102-0043)

1 Each

See Compatible filters below.

UPC: 085267210256
MPN: FC200E-1029

Actual Dimensions: 15-3/4 x 24-3/4 x 4-3/8"

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