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Honeywell FC100A-1037 20x25x5 Filter by Best Air Pro (MERV 11)(5-2025)
Item # AC100
MERV Rating: 11
MSRP: $29.95
Availability: In Stock!
Quantity Discounts:
$27.95 ea
$24.95 ea
$21.95 ea
Replacement Honeywell MERV 11 Filter by Best Air Pro Fits: F25 F35, HW2025, F50A1009, F100, F150, F200, F300, 203720, FC35A1027, FC100A1037, FC100A-1037, F35F1024, FC200E1037, F100B1032, F100F1038, F100F1087, F100F2010, F100F2044, F100F2051, F150E1034, F100F1095 203720, F25F1026, F35F1016, F50F1065, F50A1108, F100F1038, F150E1034, F200E1037, F300E1035, F300A2025, FC200E1037, F300A2012, F300B2012, F300A2025, F300E1035, F50A1009, F50E1000, F50E1141, F50E1067, F50E1273, F50E1065, F58F1000, F50E1000, Purolator: P25-2, Bryant, Carrier: FILBBCAR0020, FILCCCAR0020, KEAFL0303020, Lennox: BMAC-20C, Trane: FLR3420, FLR03420, York: S1-FM10202505HW, White-Rodgers FR2000U-108, FR2000U-110, , F825-0602, F8250602, BestAir Pro 5-2025-11, GA-5-2025-PR11, Columbia HRG2025, CARF8250602, CARL86469, CARFC100A1037, FIL82506062B, 22N9401, DPHW720. (PR112025)(AC1005) MADE IN THE USA, (5-2025-PR11)
UPC: 078757010900
MPN: 5-2025-11
Actual Dimensions: 20 x 24-5/8 x 4-1/4"

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