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Holmes HAPF600PDQ-U Genuine OEM Replacement HEPA (B) Filter
Item # HOL600G1
MSRP: $31.00
Availability: In Stock!

Holmes Genuine OEM Modular Hepa Filter by Holmes. Fits Harmony Model HAP1625, HAP615, HAP625, HAP616B-TU, HAP633-U, HAP650, HAP675, HAP675RC, HAP725, HAP726, HAP726-U, HAP750, HAP756, HAP759, HAP8615, HAP8650, HAP8756, HAP9726, GE 106633, 106643, 106653, Walmart, 106633, 106643, 106653, A1230H, 9000492, 106743, 106773, Also fits Walmart 106653,106643,106653, A1230H,9000492,106743,106773, HAPF600PDQ, HAPF600CS, (HAPF-600PDQ)(HOL600G2)(HOL600G3) 1 each

UPC: 048894110078
Actual Dimensions: 6-7/8 x 10-1/8 x 2-1/4"

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