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Holmes(Bionaire) H75-C (HWF75) Wick Filter by FUSA
Also Known As HWF75
Item # HWF75
MSRP: $15.95
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Fits Models HOLMES HM3300, HM3400, HM3500, HM3501, HM3600, HM3607, HM3640, HM3641, HM3607, HM3608, HM3650. HM3655, HM3655BF, HM3656, HM3656BF, HM3855C, HM850, HSL5000, BIONAIRE, BCM3600, BCM3656-UM, BCM3955, BCM3855C, W12, W12UC, W14, W15, HONEYWELL 6013, HCM6009, HCM6011, HCM6011i, HCM6011WW, HCM6012, HCM6012i, HCM6013i, SUNBEAM SCM3501, SCM3502, SCM3609, SCM3656, SCM3657, SCM3755C, SF222PDQ, (SF221)(SF221PDQ-UM); White WestingHouse WWH36, HF221, WWH35, WWHM3600, WWHWF75ZE, H75C, HWF75, HW75, BWF75, BWF1500CS, HC14, Touch Point model S120E-A, Kenmore KM3855C, (BIO10) (HOL75RPS) Replaces sku# Holmes HOL75G1, HOL75G4, HOL75RPS, HOL75, HOL75RPS1 ,HOL75RPS2 1 each

MPN: H75-C

Measures approximately: 7-3/4"H x 7-1/2"ID x 9-1/2"OD x 1" Thick.

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