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Holmes(Bionaire) H62-C (HWF62) Wick Filter by FUSA
Also Known As HWF62
Item # HWF62
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HOLMES, JARDEN Cool Mist Filter HWF62 by FUSA. Fits models HLS140, HM1100, HM1230, HM1275, HM1280, HM1280TG, HM1281, HM1300, HM2408, HM2409, HOL62,
HM1280, HM1281 HM1285, HM1290, HM1295, HM1296, HM1297, HM1450, HM1600, HM1700, HM1701, HM1740, HMHM1760, HM1761, HM1910, HM2025, HM2030, HM2408, HM2409 ,also fits BIONAIRE  BCM7510 
EVENFLO 655000, 655001, 758100, 759200, HALLS HLS1400, HLS1300 WHITE WESTINGHOUSE WWHM1230, WWHM1285, WWHM1290, WWHM1290ZE, WWHM1600, WWHM1700, WWHM1700ZE, WWHM1700ZECN, H85, HWF-62, HWF62, WWH620, H620,HOL62G, HOL62G4, 655001, 755001, WWHWF62ZE  SUNBEAM SCM1100, SCM1701, SCM1702, SCM1762, SCM2409, SCM4100, SF212.
HWF62RPS, HOL62RPS, Measures approximately 4" H x 4 1/2" ID x 6 1/2" OD x 1" Thick (FUSA) 1 each by RPS

UPC: 048894000621
MPN: H62-C
Measures Approx: 4"H x 4-1/2"ID x 6-1/2"OD x 1" Thick.

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Holmes(Bionaire) H62-C (HWF62) Wick Filter by FUSA
Holmes(Bionaire) H62-C (HWF62) Wick Filter by FUSA
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