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Emerson(MoistAir) HDC-12 Humidifier Filter (4 per box)
Item # ES12
MSRP: $24.99
Availability: In Stock!
GENUINE EMERSON Wick Filter Fits the following models 12001, HD230, HD-230, HD1100, HD-1100, HD1102, HD-1102, HD12001, HD-12001, HD1200, HD-1200, HD1202, HD-1202, HD1202C, HD-12020, HD-1202C, HD1202C1C, HD-1202C1C, HD12020, HD1204, HD-1204, HD12041, HD1212, HD-1212, HD1214,HD12041, HD1300, HD-1300, HD13000, HD130000, HD1300W, HD-1300W, HD-1301, HD13002, HD13030 HD-13030, HD1303, HD-1303, HD13003, HD1300C0C, HD1300WC0C, HD1305, HD-1305, HD13050, HD-13050, HD1405, HD-1405, HD-14050, HD1406, HD-1406, HD14060, HD-141060, HD-1407, HD14070, HD-14070, EA1407, HD-14080, HD-1409 Also fits 144170,14415, 14417, 144171, 14452,14453, 14454,14911,154140 (HDC12) (HDC-12) (ES12) Also Fits HDCV-12, HDC12, 14911, 42.14911, 9.14911, 42-14911, 32-29959, 29959, ES12, 42.149, 42.14911, 14900, 14911, 9-14911,42-14911, HDC12, 32-14911, 42.29959, 42.29959, 32.29959, EMRES12-D, EMRHC-12, EMRHDC12C, EMRHDC12, EMRDHC-12C, HDC12, HDC-12, ES12, (HDC-12) OEM (4 Filter in a Box)
UPC: 043129256064
Size: 8 x 6-3/8 x 2-1/2"

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