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Aprilaire Genuine OEM Model 70 Living Space Control
Item # HUM70
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The Model 1700 - Series Dehumidifier may be difficult to access in locations such as attics and crawlspaces, and you may wish to control the moisture level in a specific area, such as a living room or master bedroom. The Model 70 Living Space Control provides you with a convenient, accessible means of turning the Model 1700 - Series Dehumidifier on and off and allows for adjustment of the dryness level set point. The Model 70 Control contains its own sensors that override the Model 1700 - Series main control board sensors when connected and enabled. Therefore, the control should be located in an area where the homeowner wants to monitor and control moisture levels.
UPC: 086720000706
MPN: #70
  • Approximately 5 feet off the floor (refer to local codes for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act).
  • On an interior wall where the humidity is representative of the home being dehumidified.
  • At least 18 inches away from an outside wall.
  • Behind doors, in corners or other dead air spaces.
  • In direct sunlight, near lamps or other sources of heat.
  • On an outside wall or any wall exposed to an unconditioned space (i.e. garage).
  • In the airflow path of a supply register or near outside doors.
  • On a wall where concealed pipes or ductwork will affect the control temperature and relative humidity accuracy.
  • Low Dew Point Control Level: 40°F
  • High Dew Point Control Level: 65°F
  • Temperature Sensor Range: 40°F to 100°F
  • Relative Humidity Sensor Range: 30% to 100%
  • Supply Voltage (DC from model 1700 control board): 12VDC

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