Aprilaire Ductable Dehumidifier Model 1770A
Item # 1770A
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The new Model 1770A replaces the model 1720 dehumidifier. It features: * Updated housing color * New LED status and service indicator tells you when the unit is running normally, sampling, defrosting and when it is in need of service Excess humidity in the air can cause homes to be smelly, musty and noticeably damp. Nobody wants to go there, play there, be there. Excess humidity can damage basement furniture and furnishings, cause wood to swell and fabric to rot. Stored items grow mildew and wall paneling peels. High basement humidity can lead to health threatening conditions too. Any basement with relative humidity regularly above 60% can become the perfect breeding ground for a variety of pathogens like mold, mildew and fungi. Capacity: 135 pints/day
MPN: 1770A

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